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How To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

How To Keep Your Home Safe And Secure


If you live in a neighborhood that has experienced home invasions or break-ins, it’s important to take steps to keep your home safe and secure. It’s also important if you live alone, have elderly family members who might be targeted by intruders, or just want to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to protect your family and property from being broken into. Here are some steps that all homeowners can take in order to keep their homes safe from criminal activity:

Install a security system.

  • Install a security system.
  • Make sure you have a monitoring service.
  • Make sure the system is monitored 24/7 by professionals.
  • Check with your state’s Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the company monitoring your home’s security system before signing up for services, as well as after the contract has been signed to make sure there aren’t any issues with them in general (e.g., price increases).

Keep your home visible by keeping it well-lit, especially at night.

Lighting your home is one of the easiest ways to make it more secure. As you’re choosing lights, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure that your lights are bright enough for you to see at night, but not so bright that they will attract unwanted attention from passing cars or people walking by your property.
  • Lights should be able to turn on and off automatically so no one has to go through the trouble of flipping switches every time they come home late at night–and this can also help deter potential intruders from breaking into your house!
  • Placing lights near entrances (such as doors) will make it easier for people inside a building or structure see who’s walking up before letting them in; however placing these same types of fixtures near windows makes hiding places less visible because they shine light outward instead towards where most would-be criminals might be hiding outside looking around trying think about what areas could be easiest entry points into something like say maybe even an office building where there aren’t any security guards patrolling around all day long keeping watch over things like buildings with large amounts cash inside them because if someone breaks into one without knowing exactly how much money might be lying around inside then chances are high chance could happen again soon after first incident occurred which leads us back full circle back again

Keep bushes and hedges trimmed back so that people can’t hide behind them.

Keeping bushes and hedges trimmed back so that people can’t hide behind them is another way to make your home more secure. If you have a view of the street from inside your house, having a large bush right in front of it can block your view, making it more difficult for you to see if someone is trying to enter the home or not.

Don’t post information about your vacation on social media.

Posting about your vacation on social media is a good way to let others know you are away, but it can also be a way for burglars to find out when they can break into your home. If you are going away, make sure that in every post where you mention that fact or share photos from the trip (and there will be many), include a note asking friends not to call or stop by while you’re gone. Otherwise, those posts might give burglars the perfect opportunity for an easy score!

If security is important for you and your family members’ safety and well-being at home–and who wouldn’t say yes?–then don’t post anything about where everyone is going or what activities they’ll be doing during their time off work or school.

Secure any access points to the outside of your home, such as open windows or doors.

You should always lock all doors and windows. If you have sliding glass doors, make sure they are locked too. You should also secure the garage door if possible.

If there are any other access points to the outside of your home (such as an unlocked balcony door), make sure these are locked as well.

Add motion lights to dark areas of the property, such as the driveway or garage.

Motion lights are a great way to deter intruders and keep your property safe. They can be triggered by movement, so if someone walks up to your house at night, the light will come on automatically. These lights are also helpful for illuminating dark areas of your property–like around your garage or driveway–so that you can see what’s going on outside at all times.

Some motion-activated security lights have timers that turn them off after several minutes of no activity (to prevent battery drain). If you have motion-sensitive security cameras installed as well, they’ll start recording once they detect movement in their field of view!

Check the exterior of your home regularly for damage, even if you don’t think something is wrong with it.

It’s important to check the exterior of your home regularly for damage, even if you don’t think something is wrong with it. Look for chipped paint and cracks in the foundation, as well as any other signs of wear. If you notice something that needs to be repaired, do it as soon as possible–you don’t want things getting worse! If you don’t know how to fix it yourself or can’t afford an expert handyman (or woman), find someone who can help out by reading our article on hiring contractors.

It’s important to take steps to make sure your home is safe from intruders

Crime is a serious problem in our society. Criminals are very opportunistic and will take advantage of any opportunity they can find, so it’s important to take steps to make sure your home is safe from intruders. The best way to protect your home against criminals is by securing it and keeping it visible from the street.

Some simple things you can do are:

  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave for work or school, even if you’re only going out for an hour or two. Make sure all screens are closed securely before locking them shut!


The bottom line is that it’s important to take steps to make sure your home is safe from intruders. You never know when someone might try to break into your property, so it pays to be proactive about keeping them out. If you follow these tips and use them as a starting point for making your house even more secure, then hopefully they’ll help keep you safe in the future!